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If you have the slightest interest in luxury watches, you would have heard that Rolex has just released a new series of watches for 2020. New Rolexes and watches are always big news in the industry, but this model has now been discontinued. 

The new Rolex range includes a new Submariner collection, including the submarine, Datejust, DateJust 2 and Date Just 3. Rolexes also extended the datejust collection to the third generation, replacing the previous ones. In addition to this new watch series, Rolex has also discontinued the Oystersteel, the most popular model in its product range, favouring the Ysterstein. 

This is the largest dress watch in the Rolex collection with a 42 mm case and fluted bezel. Like the other sizes in the collection, the Oyster Perpetual 41 is made entirely of stainless steel, features a smooth domed bezel and is fitted with an Oysters bracelet. 

Most watch manufacturers use stainless steel because it has a high corrosion resistance. When you look at older Rolex watches, this is a common problem with them Is it that the steel on the inside of the housing begins to corrode in certain places? This problem is similar to what is seen in many other brands, including old Rolex watches, as they can start to corrode due to this fact. 

Rolex has, however, chosen to use a unique blend of 904L steel for its watches, known as oyster steel, which is much more corrosion resistant than other types of steel on the market. 

Rolex first began using 904L steel in the Air King, its first professional watch, in 2009. Early professional models included an oyster steel dial, a stainless steel case and later an Oyster King dial. In 2010, the Air King was dropped in favour of a new, more modern dial for the Rolex 905L, which makes it available in a variety of colours, but you will be able to choose from any of them, regardless of what you choose for your dials. 

Although it is an entry-level Rolex watch, the price of older models on the secondary market has increased due to the 39 mm model's discontinuation. In this sense, we should look at some of the remarkable Rolexes watches that will be discontinued in 2020. 

If you are passionate about the tradition that has made Rolex a household name, check out our collection of Oyster Perpetual watches. The Jubilee is still an integral part of Rolexes sports watches, and the sophisticated 5-piece combination provides an elegant look. It is shown in a variety of colors and bees, most of which, as well as a number of other brands, have been observed. 

In addition to the Oysterflex rubber strap, there is a Rolex Sky Dweller watch with a full metal counterpart for 2020. The type of stainless steel used in the case and bracelet of this watch is the result of a unique, proprietary machine and a unique material used in the Rolexes factory in Geneva. It is not the most useful machine they can afford, but they have invested in procedures and techniques that are subject to closely guarded trade secrets. Although it is often said (in truth) that their watches are just as good for money, they take security very seriously. 

Steel comes in various shapes and grades, but most of the steel in their watches is made of a 316L stainless steel. While Rolex was present, the company used a high-quality 904L stainless steel, which was manufactured by the in-house foundry. Originally, in the late 1980s, this was only used by the Rolexes watch line, which was converted to it because it offered higher corrosion resistance. Today, the entire watch is made of 904 L steel, and they also use it for the Oysterflex rubber strap. 

During this time, Rolex began to see what could happen to a 316L steel case with its own eyes and noticed that some of the stainless steel watches had similar problems as their other watches. The steel industry change meant that they had to replace all the equipment used for their steel watch. So they decided to use 904L, but the Sea Dweller still uses the 914 L steel, while the rest of its steel watch still uses the industry standard of 316L. 

Rolex was then the first watch manufacturer to use this special steel for large-format Rolex timepieces. They used a ceramic bezel insert and used their cerachrom ceramic and bezels in all watches except Sea Dweller and other large-format watches. 

As you might have guessed, the new Oyster Perpetual 41 has a 39 mm case made of brushed and polished OySTERsteel. This watch is a Rolex Oysters PerPetual and comes with a 38 mm stainless steel case, a ceramic bezel and a black case. 

How to Make a Slow Self-Winding Rolex Faster

A Rolex watch is a show-stopper. A Rolex is an expensive, trendy timepiece that indicates you've 'arrived.' It's a wonderfully built timepiece that says you've 'arrived.' But what if you need to be on time and your Rolex isn't up to the task? When you acquired this pricey equipment, rolling up the minute hand every month or two was not part of the plan. A Rolex watch must be accurate to within -4 to +6 seconds per day. There are a few things you may do to update your watch if it isn't.

If your Rolex is more than five years old, have it cleaned by a competent watchmaker. If the oil dries out, the watch will not keep time as accurately as it should. Check the battery; it could need to be replaced.

Every night, lay the watch flat and face up. Every day, it will save a few seconds.

Wind your Rolex 45 to 50 laps and check the time again in a few days. This could cause your Rolex to accelerate.

If all else fails, set your watch. A Rolex can be adjusted using a timing machine by a watchmaker. Rolexes have adjustable mass balances, which are little weights that can be adjusted to change the rate of oscillation. They are either screws on the exterior or nuts on the inside.

What to do if your watch bezel is scratched

Scratching the face of a beloved watch may be demoralising. A scratched dial does not have to be replaced, despite the fact that daily wear and tear is unavoidable. While deep scratches (those that can be hammered in with a nail) and chips are beyond home repair, most little scratches and scuffs can be easily removed. Small scratches may be polished out of your watch with a variety of mild abrasive chemicals and a little elbow work, leaving it looking brand new.

To clean your watch's bezel, use a small bit of toothpaste. If at all feasible, brush your teeth using an abrasive toothpaste. If you prefer to utilise watch products, a jeweller can provide you with a number of lotions created expressly for this purpose. Minor scratches can be removed with brass cleaning chemicals. In the same way, they're used.

In circular motions, rub the toothpaste or polish. Check the bezel on a regular basis to see if the scratch is still there.

To remove any toothpaste or other product left on the bezel, wipe it down with a clean, wet cloth.

Using a soft, dry cloth, polish the bezel until it is gleaming and spotless.

Make a paste out of the jeweler's rouge powder and water. To make a dough about the size of a pea, combine all of the ingredients in a mixing bowl until a dough the size of a pea is formed.

Using a cotton swab, spread the paste on the watch bezel. Apply mild pressure as you rub in a circular manner.

Allow for the drying of the lipstick. To remove the jeweler's rouge, wipe with a clean, dry towel.

Clean and shine the bezel's surface using a gentle cloth.

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